Captec First-to-Market With New SES-120 Secure Encrypted Server

Captec is proud to announce the release of our new SES-120 high-performance secure encrypted server, developed in close collaboration and partnership with Viasat. This first-to-market solution is secure by design and incorporates Viasat’s DARC-ssd® 600 drives, an NCSC CAPS-evaluated technology, allowing it to safeguard official, secret, and top-secret information in enterprise and tactical environments, such as data stored in vehicles, aircraft, and ships.

Featuring military-grade AES-256 hardware encryption and a tamper-evident design, the SES-120 is engineered with bespoke forced-air cooling, to minimise throttling during heavy workloads, and is available in compact 2U and 1U form factors with up to four 1Tb NVMe™ SSD drives, which can be unlocked in a single drive set. Optional ruggedisation up to MIL Standard is available for deployment in demanding environments. The server is available with a wide range of communications and I/O connectivity and configurable options for processing power, storage, power supply as well as a pre-loaded OS.

“The release of the new SES range is a reinforcement of the Captec team’s commitment to customer-centric innovation and demonstrates how we help them to overcome the challenges posed by a cybersecurity landscape with ever-evolving threats. Users are able to harness the benefits of top-tier security with Viasat’s DARC-ssd® 600 drives, as well as the quality, robust user-friendly design and performance associated with Captec technology.”James Rickwood, Business Development Manager at Captec.

For nearly four decades, Captec has been delivering specialist computing platforms and related services across a broad spectrum of industries. From computer platforms to integrated racked systems and mobile tablets, Captec provides certified solutions for critical applications and challenging environments. Over the years, the company has grown into an industry leader with operations in the UK, USA, and Canada, wielding international influence as one of the few companies capable of deploying computing platforms in the most demanding applications.

Explore the new SES-120 in more detail here.

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