Commercial Shipping - Rackmount Dual Marine EMI Filter

The bespoke rack mountable EMI      filter box, enabled Captec to provide a tailored solution to fit the specific needs of the customer’s requirements to undertake marine compliance.

Captec Engineer

This customer provides an extensive range of training technology solutions and software products & services around the world, to train the next generation of maintenance engineers in the military and commercial aircraft sectors.

The Challenges:

  • Commissioned to undertake marine compliance testing on partner’s computers for products to be supplied on board commercial ships
  • The product enables the computer to have a clean power source as all noise from the surrounding environment is filtered out
  • The external filter boxes are rack mountable with a dual power supply to support a redundant power supply to the device and help prevent system damage
  • No commercial off the shelf solution was available so an original design was required

The Solution

  • The filter boxes are designed to support the EMI compliance testing and certification of commercial grade IT equipment from workstations to enterprise-grade server products in marine applications
  • Captec engineers developed and produced the filter boxes, limiting common and differential-mode EMI emissions from equipment, integrating EMI filters to provide clean power and incorporated dual power/rackmount form factor
  • Manufactured by using our metalwork and electromechanical capabilities, designed for high reliability and low maintenance

The Outcome

  • External filter box, rack mountable with successful compliance for marine use certified to DNV 2.4 and IEC60945
  • New Captec filter product brought to market extends Captec’s marine product portfolio
  • All work from design through test and production undertaken by Captec, with over 10,000 units supplied to date through worldwide distribution
  • It enables customers to use commercially off the shelf equipment in the marine environment

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