International Naval Surface Fleet - Power Distribution Unit

Captec were required to design, test, manufacture and supply a complex electro-mechanical solution for power distribution leading to successful customer product acceptance.

Captec Engineer


The customer is one of the world’s leading defence manufacturers which produces for civil and military products. They are also the third largest in its industry in terms of revenues and help to monitor and protect the naval routes and maritime assets of customers in the public and private sector.

The Challenges:

  • Custom mountable slide rail
  • Rackmount naval compliant active 3-phase PDU required
  • DC voltage conversion and control circuitry required
  • Attenuation of any natural electro-magnetic interference
  • Specialist equipment required for system testing
  • To meet military shock, vibration and environmental standards

The Solution

  • No commercial off the shelf solution, original design required
  • Mechanical and electrical design undertaken by Captec
  • Compliance testing to military standards, using in-house capability and external bodies for certification
  • Mobile test station produced to handle 3-phase 110 Volt product validation

The Outcome

  • New Captec PDU product developed
  • All work from design through test and production undertaken by Captec
  • Successfully created a bespoke compact, lightweight, robust and shock/vibration resilient solution
  • Successful end user acceptance testing and integration
  • Close customer engagement and collaboration ensured the end user product met exact requirements

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