Rail Applications - Distributed Acoustic Sensing System

“In this project we reduced the form factor from a 4U dual xeon system to a smaller 2U platform to meet depth restraints and compliance issues, whilst being able to house the future expansion requirements demanded by the application. ”

Mark Aveson, Sales Manager

This project is to support the computer processing requirements for a rail application involving distributed temperature sensing, acoustic sensing, and vibration sensing.

The Challenges:

  • 2U short depth chassis
  • Customer branding (chassis colour & logo) to fitting with
    customer manufactured instrumentation.
  • Thermal footprint 50°C
  • Expansion for 3 full length – 3rd party card in a small footprint
    rack PC – digitiser card, GPS & GPU cards
  • GPS functionality
  • Operating temp up to ambient 50°C

The Solution

  • 2U customised branded solution provided
  • Integrated high-end graphics, GPS, & DAQ functionality
  • Customised card retaining solution incorporated using in house & third-party design capabilities.
  • Management of BOM & associated supply chain
  • Thermal compliance achieved.
  • CE certified
  • Customer also achieved EMC certification

The Outcome

  • Standardised 2U platform – that fits with their corporate brand and applicational needs
  • Option of a 24V dc variant
  • Strong customer/Captec multi contact relationship
  • The units have passed shock and vibration testing

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