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Autograph were looking
for a low-profile high power computer for audio which had to run quietly as this was in the auditorium. When you drive a 1U computer hard you can hear it whistle, and you can’t have that in the auditorium. It had to be reliable because it’s being moved around.”

Chris Williams, Internal
Sales Team Leader


The largest defence contractor in Europe, providing design, manufacture, and support complex surface ships, submarines, radars, and command and combat systems. The solution is a subsystem for naval weapon systems.

The Challenges:

  • The computers should be as silent as possible, as they are required to run
    in the auditorium
  • The computers need to be low profile to fit restricted areas but still provide
    high-power computing
  • Reliability is important, as the computer will have to cope with high working

The Solution

  • Captec designed a 1U Computer to cope and work well with the metering measurements and recording machines with high channel count
  • Captec designed a solution which could be branded and updated to meet the customer’s specification, including varying the chassis depth to ensure it fits the purpose

The Outcome

  • Captec provided technology with longevity; as the industrial partner we design the computer to have a long lifespan
  • Built in reliability – the intensive, high-power processing generates heat which the computer must withstand temperatures

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