Training & Simulation: High-Performance, High-Density Image Processing

“The Quadbox enabled a
leading flight simulation provider to reduce their solution’s total rack space, complexity and cost by replacing 20 4Us with 5 Quadboxes. This provided the high-performance computing required for synthetic simulation and simplified wiring and image synchronisation complexity.”

Peter Drake, Business Development Director

Our customer specialises in training individuals and teams in active decision-making, including military flight applications, using innovative simulation systems containing the latest hardware

The Challenges:

  • Customer required a platform to condense their current computing performance into a smaller footprint and improve its operation
  • Requirement for hardware display synchronisation capability
  • Reduce the customer’s existing 2 rack platform into 1 rack to decrease floor space, noise and overall cost
  • Analyse and deploy a power-saving strategy to reduce OPEX
  • Design a clear system architecture to significantly reduce wiring and cabling

The Solution

  • Higher hardware density than existing image generation systems to utilise less infrastructure and cabinet room, saving on space and cost
  • Supports Xeon/Core CPUs and multiple high-end graphics cards, including hardware display synchronisation
  • Delivers optimal cooling with a significantly lower noise profile
  • Reduces repair cycles in platform life to increase uptime and continuity of use
  • Improved thermal management and increased system efficiency over 1 and 2U systems
  • Meets EMC emission standard EN 55032

The Outcome

  • A Captec designed and engineered solution providing high-performance, high-density image processing at reduced foot print, complexity and cost
  • Best of both worlds – Cutting edge COTS performance with industrial roadmap availability to allow for form, fit and function replacement and through-life field upgrades

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