Improving The Game at Mecca Bingo - X240 Bingo Tablet

“Mecca and Captec worked
together to create a new tablet gaming product to fit the changing customer needs. The new X240 offers a more flexible platform to deliver games in a more modern and experiential way, whilst still supporting service solutions to meet the changing needs and expectations of Mecca customers.”

Rob Brown, E-Gaming Development Manager

Mecca Bingo called upon Captec to provide an enhanced solution to their current X231, 8 inch Electronic Bingo Terminals (EBT’s). As a result, Captec has developed the new and improved X240 product to refresh their estate. The innovatively re-designed Mecca Bingo Luton site has been the first hall to receive the new product.

The Challenges:

  • Upgrade the first 1000 sets of EBT in the Mecca estate, which included the new flagship Luton club
  • Requirement for 10 inch display to improve customer ergonomics and use
  • More powerful CPU with increased memory to support new games and applications
  • Provision of EBT’s to maintain connectivity across multiple wireless access points throughout the club and without loss of any data
  • EBT’s cableless charging with colour charge status indicators
  • Demonstrate to the marketplace Mecca’s continued investment in their business and customers post Covid 19

The Solution

  • Design collaboration with Mecca to ensure the X240 EBT meets bingo market requirements
  • Manufacturing of the new X240, using the quadcore Intel N4120 2.4GHz processer with 4GB DDR4 DRAM memory to support new game software and applications
  • Battery charging circuit re-designed to enable a single battery solution for improved longevity and serviceability
  • Selection of the intel Wi-Fi module AC 9461 / WiFi 802.11 ac b/g/n to optimise access point connectivity throughout the club
  • Bespoke extended warranty service pack, including an in warranty 3-day service level agreement
  • Quick reaction on-site service team to ensure maximum EBT estate up-time

The Outcome

  • Customer will gain a high-performance EBT supporting a new range of games and applications, improving revenue performance and customer satisfaction
  • Demonstrating to customers Mecca’s continual investment in new technologies as a leader in the bingo market
  • The continuation of the strategic relationship between Mecca and Captec signifies confidence in our products, their longevity and our service and support capability

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