Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

In today’s rapidly evolving oil and gas landscape, cost reduction, operational efficiency, and transparency are more important than ever. With the emergence of automation and the increasing demand for accountability, the industry is undergoing a digital transformation to optimise efficiency, enhance equipment performance, and reduce costs through data-driven solutions. Additionally, the need for strong environmental commitments positively influences customer perceptions.

At Captec, we understand these challenges and have developed specialised computer and smart edge IoT solutions to address them. Our expertise lies in designing and delivering robust, reliable, and compliant systems prioritising data protection. Our compact systems offer unparalleled power and data redundancy when deployed in harsh offshore environments or remote locations, and we seamlessly integrate third-party add-ons and cards to cater for unique application requirements.

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With over a decade of experience in integrated systems, we consistently provide industry-standard solutions for any specific form factor required. With a strategic presence in the UK and North America, we are positioned in close proximity to the major energy hubs of the oil and gas industry, enabling us to offer efficient and responsive service to our valued customers.

Partnering with Captec empowers the oil and gas industry with the technological edge to navigate the evolving landscape confidently. Our advanced computing and AI technologies at the edge enable real-time decision support, advanced analytics, and predictive maintenance, enhancing operational efficiency and resilience.

Why Choose Captec?

  • We custom engineer protection for the deployment challenges of harsh and remote environments of the oil and gas sector
  • We have an international reach from our UK HQ and North American operations, working with oil and gas customers, partners and suppliers worldwide
  • We have a mature and agile technical ecosystem of established suppliers and third-party service providers. Critically important in a sector where a well-established pedigree and track record are imperative
  • We are a dynamic and innovative group trading since 1985, with a multifaceted end-to-end proposition in the computer and electronics hardware space. From design to manufacturing and through-life service support, all “under one roof”
  • We are tried, tested and trusted


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Oil Pipeline Monitoring Computer – Ensures Integrity & Prevents Intrusion

Learn how our 4U industrial rack dual Xeon PC and a single-processor AMD variant of the system was deployed in a depth-restricted application that required large data storage.


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ROV Subsea Control – Revolutionising

Learn how our design provided a complete and reliable solution to the customer pain points of shock and vibration challenges and product failures due to shipping needs.


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Blow Out Prevention Computer - Emergency Control for Oil & Gas

Learn how our design and compliance expertise enabled Captec to develop a computing platform that met the customer’s exact functionality requirements.



Tried, Tested & Trusted