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Captec has successfully provided integrated rugged portable racks into a range of land defence projects with challenging environmental requirements.

We design fully integrated portable racks, focused on meeting the demands of challenging field environments whilst optimising the size, weight and power needed for mobile computing in the field.

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Why Choose Captec?

  • Skilled at system architecture design ensuring specification and certification compliance.
  • Experts in design, customisation and integration of commercial computing hardware and other equipment into ruggedised, ingress-protected enclosures.
  • Accomplished in designing for optimised Size Weight and Power (SWaP) performance in the field.
  • Experienced in specialised passive, active and liquid cooling design for challenging working environments.
  • Example deployed IT projects, Falcon Shield Leonardo, Mi Player SSVC, FMV Airbus.
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Our rugged portable computers and racks enable IT to be quickly deployed in the field despite the challenging environments this presents.

We provide an end to end solution from portable rack architecting, design, compliance testing, certification, integration and test.

Our rugged portable racks integrated with bespoke patch panels and cabling. Custom equipment rail mounts ensure equipment reliability in the field for specialised or commercial equipment.

Key Features

yellow triangle - Rugged Portable Computers & Racks Certification:

Application specific certification MIL-STD 810F/G, MIL-STD 461, MIL-STD 1275

yellow triangle - Rugged Portable Computers & Racks Connectivity:

Mate and lock connectivity to ensure secure field reliability

yellow triangle - Rugged Portable Computers & Racks Ingress Protection:

Water and dust protection for demanding environments IP54 and IP67

Rugged Portable Computers - Rugged Portable Computers & Racks

yellow triangle - Rugged Portable Computers & Racks EMC:

Effective shield designs for EMC compliance. EN61000

yellow triangle - Rugged Portable Computers & Racks Operating Temperature:

Wide operating temperature -20⁰C to +55⁰C

yellow triangle - Rugged Portable Computers & Racks Shock & Vibration:

Engineered protection appropriate to the deployment requirements

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Case Story – Aviation Airspace Counter UAV Systems

Our customer is a leader in Aerospace, Defence and Security developing advanced technological solutions and provides a complete, innovative range of services for every mission and every scenario. The complete solution addresses the threat of low, slow and small
unmanned air systems.

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Captec has over 35 years of history working in defence, with a proven track record of deploying rack, computer, tablet, bespoke enclosures and electronics solutions. Discover why you should choose Captec for your next project.

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