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Leveraging market-leading COTS, fully-rugged and semi-rugged notebook and tablet computers, supported with additional customisation services to suit operational requirements, from vehicle maintenance, to threat identification and image processing.

By combining our design services with COTS tablet technologies, we deliver customised tablet-based solutions with customisation to provide unique connectivity and ruggedisation to suit the specific applications, providing a reduced development time frame, and development cost.

Why Choose Captec?

  • Access a portfolio of industry-leading rugged and semi-rugged tablets.
  • Customised I/O connectivity to use MIL-STD 38999 connectors for connection to equipment in the field.
  • Creation of bespoke add-ons to contain functionality not available in standard ruggedised tablets, e.g. external GPU, removable encrypted storage.
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Beyond COTS tablets, we design enclosures for tablets and notebooks to expand functionality within land and land vehicle requirements.

From bespoke I/O and enclosures for additional functionality, such as external GPU’s and removable encrypted storage, our customised tablets adapted to meet specific defence requirements, whilst leveraging the ruggedisation and features of COTS equipment.

Key Features

  • MIL-STD Certified Tablets and notebooks
  • Protection against shock and vibration
  • Bespoke I/O to lockable and MIL-STD connectors
  • Design services for bespoke expansions
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  • Removable hot-swap batteries, night vision compatible displays
  • Vehicle mountable, with a COTS range of vehicle mounts
  • Multi-bay, cable-free charging stations

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Captec has over 35 years of history working in defence, with a proven track record of deploying rack, computer, tablet, bespoke enclosures and electronics solutions. Discover why you should choose Captec for your next project.

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