Smart Edge

Computing & IoT at the Edge

Envisioning the Future

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The Smart Edge represents a big shift in distributed computing in the journey to truly ubiquitous information gathering.

Captec is at the forefront of technical hardware and software solutions to enable evolution at the Smart Edge, meeting the demands of today and tomorrow,
and delivering the future.

With end-to-end design capabilities in industrial and embedded computing and low-power IoT wireless monitoring is empowering companies to draw application data from remote locations, improving their processes and business models.

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Smart Edge Overview Images2 - Smart Edge & IoT - Overview

Application-Driven Expertise

Captec Yellow Line 300px 1 300x2 - Smart Edge & IoT - Overview

Captec has gained considerable experience within the evolving Smart Edge market.

Knowledge and expertise is backed by field-proven reference projects involving 1000s of installed IoT remote monitoring devices and billions of

Captec have applied expertise within industrial, defence, energy, medical and transport applications. Whether you are bringing new technology to market,
piloting a project, optimising a process, or enabling research, Captec’s experienced application experts can advise on all aspects of the project.

Our Technical Expertise

Captec Yellow Line 300px 1 300x2 - Smart Edge & IoT - Overview

  • Field proven, extensible IoT solutions 
  • Deployments of off-the-shelf/custom wireless/ wired sensors 
  • Use of established IoT architecture 
  • Low-power/constrained IoT consultation 
  • Embedded electronics hardware design 
  • Embedded software development 
  • Wireless prototyping 
  • Product development 
  • Design for volume manufacture 
  • Certification & compliance 
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