Specialised Computing

Design to manufacturing of specialised and industrial computers

Specialised Computing

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Developing specialised computing systems for controlled, certified or challenging industrial environments is part of Captec’s multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities.

Captec offers access to considerable computing capabilities from design, configuration or build-to-order solutions, including manufacturing, testing, industry compliance and certification, acting as both an extension of our customer’s design team as well as bringing full end-to-end (E2E) capabilities.

Every aspect of a customer project is undertaken with the diligence, skill, and care of a highly experienced technology partner, enabling our customers to focus on their core business. Captec’s philosophy is to support projects by delivering ‘right-first-time’.

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Application-Driven Expertise

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Captec has over half a century of experience designing and manufacturing specialised computing platforms, supporting a range of projects for commercial, industrial, automotive, aerospace and military applications.

From industrial computers, embedded computers for marine and rail, 19″ racks and rackmount PCs to panel PCs, custom-built tablets and innovative IoT solutions designed to any form factor.

With an extensive supply chain, Captec architect, configure and engineer for optimised reliability, longevity and compliance as required, and provide comprehensive through-life support.

Our Technical Expertise

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For projects requiring a complete solution, a comprehensive design-to-order capability offers customers the opportunity to outsource the production of medium to high volume systems, allowing them to focus on their core business activities. This comprehensive solution may also include 19” rack integration and complete after-sales support service.

Captec also offers value-added design and consultation to reduce development cycles during the initial project significantly.

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