Rack Integration

Computer racks, built to your exact requirements

Rack Integration Solutions

From simple configurations through to fully bespoke platforms, our racks are engineered to offer an optimal balance between performance and total cost of through life ownership.

By collaborating with you during the initial project stages, we gain a complete understanding of your application and requirements. This allows us to realise the specification, design, documentation, validation and manufacture of tried, tested and trusted platforms, while guaranteeing compliance, safety and reliability.

Our in-house engineering and pre-compliance test facilities ensure your rack complies with all relevant regulatory and safety requirements. We also develop custom logistics plans to securely deliver your platform wherever you require it, on time and on budget.

Design to Order Photo - Rack Integration

Design to Order Racks

Our rack integration service supports the specification, design, documentation, validation and manufacture of proven platforms, tested and guaranteed for safety and reliability. Our racks are built and tailored to your exact application requirements and delivered to wherever you need them.

We collaborate with you as a trusted partner from the project outset to offer technical advice and co-author effective specifications, we create foundations that ensure programmes remain on schedule and on budget.

Our rack integration capabilities and facilities enable you to scale quickly and substantially when you need it and free you to focus on your core business.

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Integration-Ready Racks

Our integration specialists are highly experienced in designing high performance platforms for many market sectors, demanding applications and challenging environments. Ranging from full-height to man-portable platforms, our racks provide you with all the performance, protection and reliability you need to get up and running quickly.

Our platforms are expertly configured to optimise the capabilities of all its individual components extend environmental range, attain industry specific compliance and certification, improve and maintain reliability, and reduce servicing and maintenance needs. For more complex applications, we recommend consultation with our rack specialists to ensure every nuance of your project is fully understood and satisfied.