Integration-Ready Racks

Rack platforms customised to meet your exact requirements

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Integration-ready Rack Platforms

Our rack integration specialists are highly experienced in designing high-performance platforms for many market sectors and challenging environments. Ranging from full-height to man-portable platforms, our racks provide you with all the performance, protection and reliability you need to get up and running quickly.

Our platforms are expertly configured to optimise the capabilities of all its components extend environmental range, attain industry-specific compliance and certification, improve and maintain reliability, and reduce servicing and maintenance needs. For more complex applications, we recommend consultation with our rack specialists to ensure every nuance of your project is fully understood and satisfied.

Full-height Rack Platforms

Our full-height platforms have been integrated to perform some of the most demanding applications. These include oil and gas exploration and production, medical equipment treatment and imaging, marine communications systems, military and civil aviation simulation, and mass transit management and control. Our rack platforms are expertly tailored to meet the thermal, power, EMC, safety, vibration, shock, seismic and shielding needs that are not available out-the-box.

We provide scalable levels of integration, from the basic build, population and functional and safety testing, to the volume production of fully-integrated, fully-certified, crated and packaged turnkey platforms.

Our experienced team of experts ensure your rack platform arrives as it should, where it should when it should, and without complications. Platforms can be shipped either fully populated or with the equipment removed depending on your needs – we can even provide full-height racks in an air freight configuration.

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Half-height Rack Platforms

Our half-height rack platforms perform applications requiring less equipment or greater space, while still providing all the functionality and performance in a cost-effective form factor.

By integrating beyond the confines of the 19-inch rack and by utilising the side and back panels, our integration specialists are able to expand the payload by providing up to 17U of rack-mounted equipment within a cabinet that would typically only support 12U of devices.

We engineer all your power, cooling, data, security and structural needs, ensuring your platform is optimised to perform its intended role safely and reliably for years to come.

Mobile Rack Platforms

Our mobile rack platforms are ideal for applications where portability and high levels of performance are essential. These racks offer enhanced features including shock protection and a tough exterior and are often used for field-deployable applications such as broadcast, event management, security, command, communications or portable simulation systems.

The mobile racks are optimised for size, weight and power (SWaP), offering readily deployable performance when and where you need it, with no need for additional packaging or crates.

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Man-portable Rack Platforms

Our man-portable racks offer the ultimate in portability, protection and reliability, with minimal servicing required. Designed for single person transportation or a two-person lift, these flight case platforms allow equipment to be transported and carried into the harshest environments.

These rugged racks incorporate optimally engineered thermal management, shock-mounted frames with locking connectors and cable storage options, with any essential components, further ruggedised to provide additional protection. They are ideally suited for applications such as mobile video decoding, fibre optic measurement and surveying and oceanology.

The IP rated cases can be shipped and stored without the need for additional packaging, ensuring maximum delivery efficiency. The end-user can then take the system wherever needed, plug it in, be operational within a matter of seconds, and then pack it away just as quickly.

Customise a Rack Platform

Please get in touch with our integration team to discuss customising a rack platform to meet the exact requirements of your application.