Captec Launch the Quadbox

Captec releases ground-breaking new hardware platform for simulation and training applications

Virtual training that provides a real-life environment is essential in the modern world within aerospace, construction and mining to name a few. The more realistic the training feels to the operator, the more effective the training becomes.

Accurate simulation applications require high-performance computing with cutting-edge technology to deliver the best results. The greatest challenge lies in producing high-intensity, immersive graphics with a real-time experience while ensuring minimum latency or data lagging, and using multiple displays or projectors with perfect synchronisation to provide a real-life feel.

Hardware is a vital component and cutting costs without any impact on performance is prohibitive…until now. Designer and manufacturer of specialist computing platforms, Captec, have re-engineered the typical simulation computing platform with their new product – Quadbox.

The Quadbox exists to solve known and proven challenges experienced by simulator manufacturers, and to bring innovation, solutions and benefits to that space. Featuring four independent Image Generation (IG) systems in one 4U enclosure, combining Intel Core I processors and nVidia GPUs, this unique and powerful design offers the same performance as four individual IG’s while saving on space, weight and reducing maintenance and repair time. The option of an integrated Quadro Sync kit enables the independent graphics outputs to be used for multiple displays to form one immersive display without timing and display artifacts.

The Quadbox compliments Captec’s range of rackmount PCs and forms a complete series of industrial computers.

quadbox - Captec launch the Quadbox

Jake MacWhirter, Captec Rack Integration Manager, who oversaw the Quadbox development, said,

“There have been historic attempts at 1U Image generators at small form factor products and many other approaches including liquid cooling and even considerations into immersion cooling, but none proved cost effective, easy to manage or really solved complexity, cooling and space challenges.

“Quadbox takes an uncompromising approach to meet the performance needs of simulator manufacturers. The unique system design maximises the potential for Intel/Nvidia hardware, offering greater rack density than historic IG products, with a lower acoustic footprint optimal cooling, high efficiency and ease of maintenance. The high performance, high reliability approach ensures the greatest balance of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and performance possible.”

The design of the Quadbox allows for the density of population of 1U servers, with the cooling performance of 4U systems and crucially less cabling less infrastructure and less materials than either typically ensuring a lower total cost of ownership, greater reliability, greater component longevity, infield upgrades and technology refreshes and less site real-estate for deployment.

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About Captec:

Established in 1985, we are an award-winning designer and manufacturer of specialist computing equipment engineered to meet the exact requirements of any application across multiple industries, irrespective of complexity or environmental demands.

From industrial computers and rack integration to custom built tablets and innovative IoT solutions, we design to any form factor. We engineer reliability, provide comprehensive support, guarantee compliance, maximise longevity and overcome the limitations of commercial computing.

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