Specialised Computers

Specialised Computing

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Specialised computers are designed for specific tasks, excelling in performance and outperforming general-purpose computers. These types of computers include examples such as real-time computers used to control industrial processes, or embedded systems designed for use in transportation, medical equipment, and other specialised applications. These products often include features such as GPUs for graphics and parallel processing, DSPs for real-time signal processing, and network processors for data transmission. By concentrating processing power on targeted tasks enables improved performance, reduced power consumption, and enhanced efficiency in their domains. 

Captec, a specialised computing expert, offers diverse services and solutions for various industries. We excel in “Configure to Order” (CTO) and “Commercial Off-The-Shelf” (COTS) approaches, enabling clients to customise their computing systems, and with scalable manufacturing, we meet varying quantity demands. Captec’s bespoke system design ensures high performance and reliability, while expert project management guarantees a seamless experience. Our skilled system architects collaborate with customers, delivering cutting-edge computing solutions. 

Committed to innovation, Captec empowers businesses with high-performance computing solutions for success. 

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Pioneering Excellence in Specialised Computing Solutions 

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With a rich history spanning over half a century, Captec stands as a beacon of expertise in the design and manufacturing of specialised computing platforms. Our unwavering commitment has positioned us as a trusted partner, supporting a diverse array of projects across commercial, industrial, automotive, aerospace, and military applications. 

Captec’s comprehensive product portfolio reflects our dedication to innovation and adaptability. Explore our offerings that cater to a wide spectrum of needs: 

Our industrial computers are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of industrial environments, ensuring seamless operation and reliability. 

Captec’s embedded computers are tailored for the unique challenges posed by marine and rail applications, delivering robust performance in demanding conditions. 

Experience the power of our 19″ racks and rackmount PCs, designed to optimize space while maintaining peak efficiency. 

Captec’s panel PCs offer intuitive and interactive computing solutions, ideal for various applications requiring user-friendly interfaces. 

Tailored to your specifications, our custom-built bingo tablets provide a personalized computing experience for the user. 

Captec’s cutting-edge IoT solutions transcend conventional boundaries, adapting to any form factor and pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. 

At Captec, we understand that reliability, longevity, and compliance are paramount. Leveraging our extensive supply chain, we meticulously architect, configure, and engineer solutions to meet and exceed industry standards: 

Our solutions are engineered for optimal reliability, ensuring consistent performance even in the most demanding environments. Our products are built to stand the test of time, meeting compliance requirements and industry regulations with precision, and our commitment extends beyond product delivery, providing comprehensive through-life support to ensure the sustained success of your projects. 

Comprehensive Design-to-Order Capability 

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At Captec, we recognize the intricate needs of projects demanding a holistic approach. Our comprehensive design-to-order capability is the industry standard for those seeking a complete solution. By outsourcing the production of medium to high volume systems, our customers gain the invaluable opportunity to channel their focus towards core business activities. This comprehensive solution may also include 19” rack integration and complete after-sales support service. 

Captec takes pride in offering more than just manufacturing prowess. We bring value to your projects through design expertise and insightful consultation, aiming to significantly reduce development cycles during the crucial initial phases. 

Learn more about the accolades and achievements that showcase our commitment to excellence. Our awards are a testament to the dedication and innovation embedded in every solution we deliver. 

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