Innovative Leisure Solutions

We design all our leisure solutions from the ground up to enhance the user experience and maximise revenue for our customers. Our electronic bingo terminals and cable-less, multibay charging solutions are trusted by leading UK operators including Buzz Bingo and Mecca and have recently won us our second Queen’s Award for Enterprise, this time in the prestigious Innovation category.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and seeking innovative ways to enhance the performance of our customers’ applications. Making our name in land-based gaming, we have evolved to develop fixed gaming terminals and computers for multiple leisure activities. By diversifying our product set, we are now branching out into new areas of the industry and establishing ourselves in the market using our expertise in delivering reliable, high-performance, and cost-effective solutions.

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Fixed eGaming Terminals

  • Power over Ethernet reduces installation costs
  • Theft port concealment and security
  • Optional dual-screen for slot style gaming
  • Easy to maintain
  • Bespoke servicing and support
10 inch Gaming Tablet X240 - Leisure

Electronic Gaming Tablets

  • Enhanced power and performance
  • Uninterrupted all-day gameplay
  • Compatible with cable-less charging
  • Faster and more reliable update connectivity
  • Effortless to transport and play
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Charging Stations

  • High-density charging in a choice of 40 and 60 models
  • Cable-less charging reduces complications and maintenance
  • Option for self-service
  • Compact footprint ideal for space-restricted venues
  • Built-in cooling and time switch


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Improving The Game at Mecca Bingo – X240 Bingo Tablet

Mecca and Captec worked together to create a new tablet gaming product to fit the changing customer needs. The new X240 offers a more flexible platform to deliver games in a more modern and experiential way, whilst still supporting service solutions to meet the changing needs and expectations of Mecca customers.

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Why Captec?

Established in 1985, Captec design and manufacture award-winning computing solutions for the wagering and gaming industries. Headquartered in the UK and with operations in Canada servicing North America, we supply computers for electronic bingo, sportsbook, slot machine, and casino gaming applications worldwide. Acting as a trusted hardware partner for our customers, our computers work tirelessly in applications to enable operators and independent software vendors to deliver exceptional experiences under their own brand.

We have been supplying specialist computers for over three decades. Building our reputation on deploying hardware in mission-critical applications across the defence, medical, and transport industry, our computers can be relied upon when it counts.