Deploying Specialist Computers into Automation Applications

From food processing and component inspection through to 3D printing and steel production, we have been deploying specialist computers into automation applications for decades. We know the automation sector depends on reliable, long-life hardware – so we engineer and test for resilience to environmental extremes prominent in factory settings like cleaning chemicals, high water pressure, heat, and dust.

Our off-the-shelf automation computers can be customized and include general purpose platforms across a range of form factors. Features include extensive expansion capabilities for the accommodation of I/O and interface cards, graphics cards, extra memory, and increased storage capacity. We configure our computers to the precise requirements of automation applications and also offer a complete rack integration service for more complex deployments.

To name just a few, we have developed HMI computers for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical production, HMI computers for heavy industry environments, automation computers for SCADA applications, image processing computers, and machine vision units for customers operating at the heart of the automation sector.


  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
  • Machine vision
  • Machinery simulation
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Factory and warehouse automation

Our Services

  • Rack integration
  • Compliance and certification
  • Design to order
  • Build to order
  • BOM control and obsolescence management
  • Through-life support


captec web cs offshore installations–blow out preventioncontrol 01 1024x542 - Automation

Offshore installations - Blow out prevention

The solution is for an international supplier of mission-critical equipment for the oil and gas industry.

The company’s technologies are deployed across the spectrum of energy activities, including offshore, pipeline, and petrochemical. The combination of fully functional and certified custom 2U computing platforms is integral to running the customer’s BOP (blow-out prevention) software.


captec web cs anpr platforms evidence retrieval and control 01 1 1024x542 - Automation

ANPR platforms evidence retrieval and control

We supplied a solution for a leading international supplier of intelligent transportation systems, to develop an innovative automatic number plate recognition system.

The project involved police forces, local authorities, and highway authorities. Their average speed enforcement application supports local councils to reduce speeding motorists, identify offenders, and ultimately, make roads safer.


captec web cs manufacturing rackmount pc for testing pcb and signal 01 1 1024x542 - Automation

Industrial computers - Manufacturing industry

The solution is for a leading technology developer for the global payTV market who was recently recognized as the world’s largest developer of digital set-top box technology.

The group develops and delivers innovative technologies, products, and services for world-leading operators that enable entertainment and converged communication services inside, outside, and around the digital home.

5 reasons to choose Captec for your Automation Computing

  • Off-the-shelf computers selected from trusted manufacturers for fast deployment into automation applications
  • Engineered protection from shock and vibration, ingress, and EMC susceptibility
  • Expertise in designing, engineering, and testing computers to meet the industry standards of automation applications
  • Access to the latest technology through our comprehensive international supply chain
  • Tailored through life support designed to maximize the reliability, performance, and life of your automation solution