High-Quality Direction-Finder - Antenna And Electronics Design

“The Loc8tor Lite handset design
is a testament to careful product and electronics design, a deep understanding of antenna design and simulation, and designing hardware and software for low-cost and high performance.”

Steve Braithwaite, Electronics Team Leader

The customer required the design of a credit card sized handset that gives direction and distance guidance when finding a lost object, while also requiring a low-power design for long life.

The Challenges:

  • Credit-card size handset, designed for consumer convenience
  • Thin design, but with enough room to house a directional antenna
  • Long-range to locate lost items
  • Good directionality (7dBi) to improve and extend the range of the wireless receiver
  • Designed with an easy-to-use functionality

The Solution

  • Thin design required miniaturization of a directional antenna, so Captec developed a short, high-gain antenna for the device
  • Low-power techniques using a small battery design to increase longevity
  • Selection of the best transceiver ICs available to enable a high level of integration
  • Proprietary protocol and pairing methods for encrypted communications

The Outcome

  • A design that has been put into volume production
  • Spin-out products themed for pet location
  • New design of tag for a more common battery type
  • Excellent customer reviews for finding pets and crashed model aircrafts, rockets and drones

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