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Whilst rack and IT infrastructure are critical elements of many defence projects, we also understand bespoke subsystems are often a vital part of more extensive system integrations. Such systems rarely come in a single standard form factor, and their function is as diverse as the types of projects within the defence sector.

Realising a completely bespoke subsystem, both in terms of design for manufacture and a suitable supply chain for the many processes involved. Our acquisition of Cove Industrial Enterprises provides within the Captec Group a single point of contact to realise a subsystem design from prototype to volume production, leveraging 57 years of Cove’s manufacturing experience.

Why Choose Cove?

  • Fabrication, Finishing and Assembly all under one roof, means a faster transition from design to prototypes and complete products with less risk.
  • Bespoke cable assembly with MIL-STD 38999 connectors, complex loom requirements, and drawing services.
  • In-house expertise in finishing products to MILSTD’s and Warpaint requirements.
  • Conventional PCB assembly and test.
  • Ident services with silkscreen and laser engraving.
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Our complete build to print service provides a one-stop shop for electromechanical integration from fine limit sheet metal fabrication and machining, finishing, screen printing and electromechanical assembly, saving logistics between multiple subcontractors, reducing time to manufacture, and reducing project risks.

We provide our experience and manufacturing know-how through design for manufacturing consulting and support services during your initial development phases. This allows us to assess the risks and challenges of bringing a new design into manufacture, reducing development cycles and shortening your time to market.

Key Features

  • Custom enclosure engineering
  • Electro-mechanical assembly
  • Welding
  • CNC folder/punching
Defence Subsystems Products 2 - Electro-Mechanical Assembly & Fabrication
  • Wet and powder coat finishing to MIL/DEF standards
  • Silkscreen and pad printing
  • Laser and mechanical engraving

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Captec has over 35 years of history working in defence, with a proven track record of deploying racks, computers, tablets, bespoke enclosures and electronics solutions. Discover why you should choose Captec for your next project.

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