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Established in 1985, Captec is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of Industrial Rackmount PCs and rack solutions, engineered to meet the exact requirements of any application across multiple industries, irrespective of complexity or environmental demands.

From simple configurations through to fully bespoke platforms, our rackmount PCs are engineered to offer performance, reliability and total cost of through-life ownership. Our in-house engineering and pre-compliance test facilities ensure your rackmount pcs are complete with all relevant regulatory and safety requirements and industrial-grade certification.

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How Captec Can Support Your Rackmount PC Projects

By collaborating with you during the initial project stages, we gain a complete understanding of your rack computer requirements. This allows us to realise the specification, design, documentation, validation and manufacture of industrial rack computer products while guaranteeing compliance, safety and reliability.


Design to Order Rack - Captec


Rack Computers

Certification & Compliance

Certification and Compliance Services - Captec

Gallery of our rackmount PC projects

High-performance rack integration is among our core capabilities. We design and manufacture rackmount PC computer systems to meet the exact requirements of any application, irrespective of complexity or environmental demands, whether it’s defence, automation, medical, communications, rail or anywhere you need a rack computing system.

Our competencies are based on a portfolio of combined capabilities within the Captec Group of companies, which result in a supplier with a successful track record of delivering quality products and services to thousands of customers internationally.

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Case Stories | Rackmount Computers

Captec’s rack computers are being used in industries worldwide, ensuring robust and reliable application uptime. Below are a few feature case stories that highlight projects that we have completed in various industries. To learn more, visit our Case Stories web page.

Naval Communications


A global leader in the defence sector

A rack computer for military communications, limited space, needed to be certified to shock and vibration DEF-Stan 00-35 and integration of MOD approved CO2 injection system.

Captec Solution:
Collaborative project management, a product designed to exact specification and deployment to over 20 vessels.

Medical Imaging

Medical Applications - Captec

A pioneering human care company

High resolution image definition, compliant to key medical standards, with a longevity of operating and large data capacity for the secure storage and transmission of patients images.

Captec Solution:
A rack PC solution which met the exact requirements, and an overall project cost reduction through usage of COTS components.

Offshore Control

Energy Market Sector

A global oil services company

A short depth industrial grade air and dust filtration to operate in a harsh offshore environment, highly reliable with continuity of supply and exact build replication

Captec Solution:
A 4U industrial 19″ rack PC engineered for harsh environments with more than 100 systems deployed offshore

Join our Rack Integration Webinar

Are you challenged to deliver complex rack computing projects on schedule and in budget? In this webinar 7 Secrets to Slipstreaming Rack Integration we will share with you our knowledge of developing complex rack computing projects at a higher velocity by using the speed of skilled commercial technology and teams.

With guidance from our experts, you will quickly gain an advantage in understanding:

• Principles in slipstreaming rack integration
• Programme simplification
• Cost-down processes
• Expediting design and manufacture
• Mitigating and negating risk
• Hardware Certification and approval
• Leveraging partner resource to maximise programme efficiency

Each registrant will receive a free rack integration specifiers guide

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