Deployable Rugged Cases for Defence

Securing military communications in the digital battlefield

One of the most significant challenges military commanders face is reliable communication, as effective and clear information exchanges are critical to any successful military operation. Armed forces rely on secure communications and shared data services to create an information network in which all elements have access to vital intelligence.

The battlefield environment is challenging, and equipment for combat operations must be designed to function in some of the harshest conditions. A combination of vision, data and voice must converge and work together in the harsh conditions experienced in the field – exposure to the elements or shock and vibration – with the highest levels of reliability.

Connecting in the toughest conditions

Captec’s deployable cases are designed to provide optimum performance in demanding battlefield environments, ensuring protection and agility that enables the IT to function without failure, and be deployed rapidly into advanced field-based environments, such as command and control centres.

Our cases are designed to be stackable for ISO containers and trucks and feature removable front/back panels, with the option of attachable Environmental Control Units and patch panels with military-grade connectors.

Captec’s deployable case proposition is unique in that it is fully integrated and includes the following:

  • Provision for enabling the most suitable COTS equipment to be deployed
  • Design of internal mechanical assembly
  • Design of environmental management system and cooling systems
  • Manufacturing of patch panels for external or inter-case interconnectivity


avation airspace context 1024x517 - Deployable Cases for Defence

Aviation Airspace – Counter UAV Systems

Our system architects designed and delivered an integrated, deployable case solution within two months, meeting the project deadline. The integrated solution included Captec-developed ruggedised servers and the customers’ own radar and observation detection equipment.


Deployable Case for Defence 1024x517 - Deployable Cases for Defence

Military Deployable Cases - Comms & Information Systems

The bespoke, rugged case design was integrated with our customer’s equipment to ensure the rapid deployment of land, sea and air-based communication systems. Five case designs have been developed, each providing different levels of functionality to the user.

Reasons why defence primes choose Captec

  • Experienced in designing and manufacturing rugged computers, complex systems, and integrated sub-systems for defence applications
  • One stop end to end systems meeting defence compliance requirements
  • Understanding and engineering know-how to protect critical electrical and electronics equipment in hostile operating conditions
  • Long-term through-life support and obsolescence management tailored to specific projects and applications
  • Established UK manufacturer since 1985 with strong and mature processes, technical eco-system and proven supply chain
  • Embedded ISO 9001 quality management systems and ISO 14001 environmental management systems supporting Net Zero initiatives