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Our Mission

IoT & embedded computing has expanded substantially, with many hostile environments now using these technologies. To operate reliably requires varying degrees of engineered protection. Our mission is to leverage extensive computing experience to assist customers in realising specialised edge IoT and embedded computing platforms across the entire range of deployments and applications.

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A Diversity of Services

We provide a diversity of services including consulting, architecting, hardware and software design, manufacturing, compliance and certification, installation with complete project management and through life support. Our expertise is in designing specialist computing platforms for real-world applications that require packaging to protect against environmental stressors such as thermals, shock, vibration, dust and fluids.

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Rich Partner Ecosystem 

Through our rich and diverse partner ecosystem, we offer complete end-to-end solutions for IoT applications that depend on a complex technology stack to realise.

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10 reasons to choose Captec



Our consultancy services will help you refine your IoT strategy or idea and transform it  into a viable business case. We will facilitate brainstorming to assist you in clarifying needs and opportunities, as well as reality-check these against current technology capabilities.



We will assist you in breaking down how your IoT deployment can be achieved resulting in a tailored master plan. This will evaluate and optimally balance all the technical, manufacturing, installation and support aspects required for the successful deployment and ongoing running of your IoT project.


Hardware Design

Off-the-shelf, customised or bespoke designed electronics coupled with industrial and mechanical design to meet your operating requirements. We cover all energy sources from harvesting, battery to mains powered.


Software Design

We develop and integrate the software required for edge measurement, data pre-processing and secure data communications into the cloud. This  ensures your  platform captures the exact data you need for your  application. We also provide web and phone apps to  present data or situational alerts.



With extensive manufacturing experience and international supply chain and logistics, we can scale your requirements from a small pilot through to high volume production and integration of your IoT hardware platform.


Compliance and Certification

We ensure our equipment is compliant to all applicable legislation such as CE, WEEE, and RoHS. We are experienced in certifying to industry standards such as medical, defence, aerospace, marine or rail.



We assist in deploying all the necessary hardware into the field where required, via Captec or a partner. We will professionally manage the deployment, training and maintenance as needed.


Project Management

Our dedicated team will manage  all  project requirements, including scope, schedule, budget, communications, risk, change and quality, ensuring complete confidence in the deliverables.


Through-life Support

We offer a comprehensive package of support tailored to your unique requirements and budget, including warranty, repair, obsolescence, end-of-life management, post-sales technical support, software upgrades and security updates.


Partner Management

The implementation of end-to-end IoT project solutions requires a complex stack of technologies and capabilities. Most solutions require multiple partners collaborating together. We will manage the selection and the coordination of the partner ecosystem to guarantee the successful delivery of your IoT project.

Discuss Your IoT Application

Our IoT specialists will help you to turn your idea into a solution optimised for reliability and performance. Get in touch to open a discussion.