Captec acquire ASH Wireless Electronics Ltd

Business acquisition

Captec is pleased to announce the 100% share acquisition of ASH Wireless Electronics Ltd into the Group.

Founded in 2001, ASH is established and experienced in electronics design and embedded software for wireless communications and IoT applications.

This is a strategic acquisition for Captec to expand capabilities and offerings for smart edge sensing IoT applications and combine with AI-enabled Edge Computing. With the forecasted growth of demand for edge generated and AI processed data the combined capabilities of Captec’s computing and ASH’s electronics and software, offers a specialised technology partner for companies seeking to mine edge data, particularly in hostile environments or critical legacy infrastructure.

Big Data is the gold rush for the digital era, but only if it can be mined and synthesised into useful information for decision making support.

Captec’s planned IPO will support further embedded electronics and IoT related acquisitions with internationalisation of the new offerings via our Canadian operations, and soon to come US acquisitions as well.

ASH Acquisition Duotone 3 - Captec acquire ASH Wireless Electronics Ltd

To learn more about ASH, visit, or to learn more about Captec’s offering, visit our product and services web page.

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