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Application Orientated Design

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We will support your innovation and vision with highly experienced technicians working in specialised facilities. We can deliver bespoke systems tailored to meet your exact technical, performance, and budgetary requirements with extensive in-house electronic and mechanical design capabilities.

We can design and build initial prototypes, or take on your own proof of concept models. We will then produce the necessary documentation to enable the initial production and together with our in-house sheet metal fabrication capability, we can produce fully functional units.

Our decades of consultancy and manufacturing experience will support your projects through initial development phases to assess the risks and challenges of bringing a new design into manufacture, reducing development cycles, and shortening your time to market. All our services are provided under one roof by Captec, saving logistics between multiple subcontractors, reducing time to manufacture, and reducing project risks.

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When Build Quality Is Critical

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Captec’s electro-mechanical systems combined with specialised computing and electronics are helping to power oncology equipment and healthcare environments around the world.

Typical Applications

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  • Oncology and medical equipment
  • Military deployable cases
  • Aircraft seating, galleys, toilets and lighting
  • Aircraft wiring looms
  • Aerospace and defence coatings and paintwork
  • Aerospace test system harnesses
  • Automotive waterproof cable assemblies
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