Enclosures - Applications

Application Orientated Design

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With extensive in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, Captec can build bespoke cabinets & enclosures with custom form factors to satisfy complex shape, size, and performance specifications.

All development stages can be managed in-house, from prototyping to your own proof of concept models. Captec will then produce the necessary documentation to enable the initial production.

With decades of consultancy and manufacturing experience, Captec can support your projects through initial development phases to assess risks and challenges of bringing a new design into manufacture, reducing development cycles and shortening your time to market.

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Designed For Tough Missions

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Captec has extensive experience in building cabinets for defence projects – land, sea, and air – as well as rack architecture and payload integration.

Typical Applications

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  • Bespoke cabinets for any environment
  • Specialised payload integration
  • Any size, from small device enclosures to walk-in cabinets and full ISO container fit-outs
  • Military man-portable deployable cases
  • Rugged enclosures with specialised finishes
  • Rugged Edge data-centre cabinets
  • Enclosures for IoT devices
  • Rugged equipment in oil & gas exploration
  • Field deployed satellite communications containers
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