Smart Edge & IoT for Defence Applications

Heightening Situational Awareness in the Battlespace

For military operators, the definition of ‘edge’ can range from forward operating bases, in-theatre operations, naval and aerospace and beyond. In remote and challenging locations, access, visibility and connectivity can be a major barrier.

Military forces need accurate and real-time, or at the very least up-to-date, information; mission success depends on it. Smart Edge and IoT technology combined with Edge AI and Machine Learning deployment make it possible to analytically process valuable information on a wide range of assets, coordinate complicated manoeuvres and create a strong situational awareness.

As a critical part of today’s and the future’s armed forces, Smart Edge and IoT provide a vital understanding of the battlespace, allowing decision-makers to change the course of action and direct successful operations. The rate at which this technology is advancing and being implemented is unparalleled, providing military operators with a significant battlefield advantage.

Typical defence applications for monitoring, battlefield tactics, espionage and seeking and recovery of information include:

  • Gathering battlespace intelligence
  • Proactive health surveillance
  • Augmented Reality Remote Training
  • Real-time fleet management for equipment and vehicles
  • Efficient management of inventory
  • Transportation

Captec is at the forefront of technical hardware and software solutions to enable evolution at the Smart Edge, meeting the demands of today and tomorrow, and delivering the future. With end to end design capabilities in industrial and embedded computing, rugged edge computing and low-power IoT wireless monitoring, Captec empowers companies to draw application data from remote locations, improving their processes and business models.

We combine our capability with our established IoT architectures and a library of proven building blocks for rapid prototyping and reliable, repeatable production of IoT products, accelerating development time to complete defence projects more efficiently.

Electronics & Embedded Software for Defence

Captec Group possesses the expertise needed within end to end electronics design and embedded software development to keep defence applications running in the digital age. We leverage a deep knowledge of specialised electronics for sensor and signal processing, RF, energy saving telemetry, as well as real-time embedded software and high-speed digital data acquisition and processing.

Paired with low-power wireless communications and IoT technologies, we enable the development and deployment of embedded electronics for applications in severe edge operational environments. By combining our capability with our extensive knowledge of the defence sector, we provide a one-stop-shop tried, tested and trusted partnership, enabling reduced risk to critical defence projects.

Our Technical Expertise

  • Field-proven, extensible IoT solutions
  • Deployments of off-the-shelf/custom wireless/wired sensors
  • Use of established IoT architecture
  • Low power/constrained wireless IoT
  • Embedded electronics hardware and software design
  • Enclosure design and manufacturing
  • Compliance and certification
  • BOM management and integration for volume production
  • Through life support and obsolescence management

Why defence primes choose Captec

  • Experienced in designing and manufacturing rugged computers, complex systems, and integrated sub-systems for defence applications
  • One stop end to end systems meeting defence compliance requirements
  • Understanding and engineering know-how to protect critical electrical and electronics equipment in hostile operating conditions
  • Long-term through-life support and obsolescence management tailored to specific projects and applications
  • Established UK manufacturer since 1985 with strong and mature processes, technical eco-system and proven supply chain
  • Embedded ISO 9001 quality management systems and ISO 14001 environmental management systems supporting Net Zero initiatives


Multi Channel Analyser for Defence Sector 1024x684 - Smart Edge & IoT for Defence

Low-Power Multi-Channel Analyser

Learn about how our experts utilised low-power software through our Embedded Core Stack to reduce project time and risk, providing battery operation that exceeded customer expectations for a multi-channel analyser with a low-power design and minimal blind spots.


Core Software Stack Captec 1024x683 - Smart Edge & IoT for Defence

Captec Core Stack

Learn about how the Captec Core Stack is a reusable set of software modules designed for power efficiency and ease of maintenance. They are available for use in low-power applications using microcontrollers, typically using ARM Cortex M3, M4 and D0 cores.