Captec & Captec Subsystems Engineering to Exhibit at 2024’s Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibition.

We are pleased to announce that Captec will be exhibiting with our associated group company Captec Subsystems Engineering (formerly Cove Industrial Enterprises Ltd.), at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2024 Exhibition. The event will be held at Farnborough International Exhibition Centre from the 6th to the 8th of February, and you will find us at stand number L50.

Southern Manufacturing and Electronics is the UK’s largest and longest-running annual engineering exhibition. Situated at the birthplace and epicentre of the UK’s massive £20bn+ aerospace and defence industry, Hall 1 is set to become one of the most important showcases for UK manufacturing expertise and the diverse supply chain that supports it. The show hosts a significant variety of exhibiting companies, covering the entire spectrum of engineering enterprises from production hardware to components and fabrication to high-tech electronics.

Electro-Mechanical Integration

 Along with Captec Group’s core capabilities including specialised computers, integrated systems, sub-systems, and smart edge & IoT, Captec Subsystems Engineering (CSE) will be showcasing five complimentary elements including sheet metal fabrication, painting & finishing, build-to-print precision metalwork engineering services, CNC machining, and electro-mechanical integration.  With electro-mechanical integration capabilities, our in-house design team can assist with mechanical design and electrical schematics as well as providing production engineering expertise to take your design through from prototype to full production builds. We have over 25 years’ experience in the production of custom cable assemblies, wiring harnesses and looms with point-to-point testing to verify continuity and ensure exact specifications are fully satisfied.  

Through Captec investment, we have now opened a new integration facility, twice the size of our previous one. With modern workstations and new machinery, the increased scale of the facility will enable us to accommodate more complex projects on a larger, more cost-effective scale with faster delivery. 

Sheet Metal Fabrication

CSE will also be at the event to discuss our sheet metal fabrication capabilities. 

Our team of highly skilled engineers specialises in crafting metalwork to deliver the robust protection necessary for operations in high-temperature, chemical, and EMC environments. Employing well-established manufacturing procedures, we meticulously cut, punch, form, and finish precision metalwork to exact customer specifications, ensuring all materials are thoroughly documented and verified for complete traceability. 

 For those customers integrating hardware in-house, we go beyond engineering custom, integration-ready metalwork, complete with expert paint finishing. Additionally, our comprehensive service extends to silkscreen printing, pad printing, and laser part marking, offering a true one-stop shop for all your sheet metal requirements.  

Painting & Finishing

Another key CSE service featured at the event will be our painting and finishing capabilities. 

CSE provides an integrated wet and powder paint service to complement their sheet metal offerings. Our meticulous process includes thorough surface cleansing, multiple pre-treatment stages for enhanced corrosion resistance, and superior coating adhesion. The final finish is achieved through an extensive selection of industrial paints, ranging from commercial powder paint to high-specification options such as chemical washdown-resistant and infra-red reflective paints, meeting defense standards (Def Stan) and military specifications (MIL Spec). Stoving, two-pack polyurethane, and water-based paints are also expertly applied in various finishes, including texture, spatter, and leatherette. 

Benefiting from a diverse range of materials sourced from both the UK and international suppliers, with a notable partnership with Trimite, a leading supplier of industrial finishing materials, CSE ensures the highest quality performance materials. With extensive experience spanning numerous industries, CSE guarantees a top-tier finish. Our paint shop not only serves as a crucial component of CSE’s comprehensive sheet metal service but also operates independently, offering superior paint finishing for applications in both small and large batches. 

Build-to-Print Precision Metalwork Engineering Services 

CSE will be at the event to also discuss our build-to-print precision metalwork engineering services capabilities. 

We stand as a dynamic pioneer in the subcontract sheet metalwork industry. With over fifty years of experience, the company has earned a distinguished reputation for unparalleled quality, service excellence, and an unwavering commitment to surpassing customer expectations. Specialising in catering to the Aerospace, Military, Automotive, and Commercial sectors, we seamlessly deliver products ranging from prototypes to full production batches. 

Our comprehensive, in-house services encompass sheet metal manufacture, welding, painting, assembly, and silk screening. This integrated approach empowers us to offer a holistic, on-site, single-source manufacturing service from initial concept to final delivery. Entrusting your needs to CSE means partnering with a trusted and established organization holding ISO9001:2008 accreditation, providing you with the assurance of dealing with a reputable industry leader. 

CNC Machining

Lastly, CSE will be at the event to discuss our CNC machining capabilities.

CSE has been providing CNC services for over 25 years, utilizing two advanced CNC machines to handle tasks efficiently, now including our new upgraded Hurco VMX30TI machining centre. This service enables the rapid production of sheet metal profiles, contributing to the minimisation of operating costs. The CNC capabilities extend to various metal materials and plastics, accommodating thicknesses up to 6mm in aluminum, brass, and copper, and 3mm in steel and stainless steel. Notably, the machines can incorporate formed features like dimples, louvres, logo indentations, electrical knock-outs, and countersunk holes, eliminating the need for additional operations. These machines are expertly programmed offline by highly skilled staff, to meet diverse requirements. CSE maintains a comprehensive stock suitable for a wide range of applications. 

We look forward to meeting you at the event to discuss our full range of capabilities across Captec Group and CSE.

This exhibition is a key event for any OEM or System Integrator looking for established supply chain partners and well worth attending. For more information about the event, visit or click here to register. To learn more about Captec Group’s capabilities please click here.

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