Avionics Maintenance Trainer - Generic LRU's

A Captec Group company have
supplied a suite of Generic Avionics Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) to give the appearance and feel (dimensions and weight) of typical LRUs for installation in a representative airframe for our customers’ maintenance training system.

Miles Adams, Operations Manager

This customer provides an extensive range of training technology solutions and software products & services around the world, to train the next generation of maintenance engineers in the military and commercial aircraft sectors.

The Challenges:

  • For completed LRUs to be shipped ready for final assembly within representative airframe
  • For specific LRUs to interface with and provide responses to host computer system

The Solution

  • Design of LRUs to outline customer requirements to provide look and feel of typical units
  • Full fabrication and finishing of LRU enclosures
  • Full electro-mechanical assembly of LRUs

The Outcome

  • The equipment provides the necessary connections and data responses to the host software to enable suitable training of maintenance operators
  • Assembly aligned to specific customer instructions to allow them to be integrated as part of the full airframe solution

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