Oil Pipeline Monitoring Computer - Ensures integrity and prevents intrusion

This project deployed a 4U industrial rack dual Xeon PC and a single-processor AMD variant of the system. The application was depth restricted but requires large data storage & 24/7 operation.

Mark Aveson, Sales Manager

This computing project for an optical sensing company supports the continuous monitoring of assets within the energy sector, including early detection of events that threaten any integrity of the asset. These techniques provide condition monitoring, asset optimisation and intrusion detection based on temperature, strain and vibration changes.

The Challenges:

  • Customer required a 4U short-depth server with the capacity for ample data storage
  • Equipment required to operate 24/7 to ensure reliability
  • Optimised longevity to secure application extended lifespan. Mitigating typical risks of IT equipment obsolescence and preserving software continuity
  • Requirement for multiple display outputs

The Solution

  • Design and development of a 408mm short-depth 4U industrial rackmount solution
  • Specification of Intel scalable Xeon processor for optimised power and performance
  • Product designed with seven-year longevity to meet customer requirement
  • Industrial-grade filtration to protect from ingress of dust and debris particles
  • The platform is designed to function at 50°C ambient operational temperature

The Outcome

  • Two high specification short depth industrial computers
  • Long term supply assurance on the technology architecture
  • Performance optimisation enables the platform to excel in demanding operational environments

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