IoT Remote Monitoring Sensor - Optimises Substation Performance

“Developing the KeLVN product for
the customer’s project was a major step for Captec in the journey to providing easy-to-install monitoring and control for the electricity distribution industry.”

Steve Braithwaite, Electronics Team Leader

As part of their project, a UK DNO working with a major energy consultancy required the development of a battery-powered wireless monitoring networked system that could be easily deployed on live, remote substations to monitor temperature, voltage, current and power.

The Challenges:

  • Non-intrusive and fast all-weather installation
  • Easy sensor mounting
  • Long battery life required in each IoT unit
  • Local radio connection from sensors to aggregation unit (Hub)
  • Daily data reporting to central database
  • Required to be physically robust
  • Operate over a temperature range of -20°C to +85°C

The Solution

  • Local low-power wireless network connects sensors to a wireless hub
  • Battery powered design of sensors and hub, with a minimum 3.5-year lifetime. Avoids the need for mains power supply
  • Unsteered GSM GPRS based data backhaul unit (Hub) with optimised cell site selection
  • Temperature sensor designed to meet IP67 electrical enclosure rating and future-proofed for easy addition of new sensor types
  • Local temperature, voltage and current data collection sensors use flying leads to measure volts and current
  • IoT units designed with magnet and cable-tie capability for easy sensor mounting

The Outcome

  • 11,000 sensor points monitoring 520 substations installed for the customer
  • Successful measurement tests over 3 years completed
  • Learning and experience carried into future innovation projects

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