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Marine Defence

Naval forces around the world face an unprecedented set of challenges, including complex rearmament programmes, a digital revolution, the rise of drones and collaborative combat.

Captec’s dynamic defence proposition has been developed by working closely with maritime defence primes to understand the changing face of the modern battlespace. A key part of this has been supplying specialist naval-certified racks for combat surface ships.

Our ability to design and build to the armed forces’ specifications, means they can operate reliably to a variety of different impacts, such as shock and vibration including DEF-Stan 00 35 and Map 01-470 and ingress protection standards.

And while the design and manufacture of certified, complex electro-mechanical enclosures for naval applications are central to our proposition, we also provide:

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Naval Fleet – Maritime Communications

The customer is a global leader in the defence sector, the largest defence supplier in Europe, and among the top 10 defence companies worldwide. It manufactures tactical and strategic airlifters, multi-role aerial tankers and advanced combat aircrafts.

A racking solution was needed to securely house new computer equipment and accommodate existing technology and non-military systems. Our bespoke 19” rack solution provides a refresh to existing military satellite communications, while the design provides the ruggedisation needed for the challenge of maritime rack applications.


Autonomous Maritime Vessel - Defence - Marine

Autonomous Maritime Vessel – Multi-Mission Intelligence

Our customer is a maritime high-technology enterprise with a global footprint and expertise in the fields of hydroacoustics, sensor engineering and information technology.

Our bespoke rack design is part of an autonomous vessel for the detection and classification of submarines, mines and other surface platforms.  The equipment was installed into a confined space envelope on board the vessel, meeting shock & vibration, water & dust ingress and EMC standards, to protect sensitive electronics equipment while interfaced with a bespoke set of military equipment.


Naval Operations Data Terminal - Defence - Marine

Naval Operations - Data

The customer is an internationally leading and experienced provider of electronics and computing technologies that supply naval technologies, operating across a spectrum of disciplines from aerospace to defence systems.

Motivated by the challenge of providing superior state-of-the-art equipment, the supplier sought to arm its customers with the necessary capabilities to act quickly and with conviction, so that missions are completed efficiently and securely. High-powered and reliably functioning messaging terminals are crucial in the provision of this aim.

Five reasons why marine defence primes choose Captec

  • Several years of experience and continuity in delivering complex systems to the Royal Navy’s surface and sub-surface fleets
  • We engineer to protect against shock and vibration, including DEF-Stan 00 35 and Map 01-470, ingress and EMC susceptibility
  • Through-life support and obsolescence management tailored to specific maritime projects and applications, implementing the most appropriate BoMs for the platform’s lifespan
  • A UK manufacturer since 1985 with a strong and mature technical eco-system and proven supply chain
  • End to end solutions that meet security and defence compliance requirements