An ageing population and lifestyle-related health issues are some of the many challenges the healthcare sector needs to overcome. Unexpected pandemics, like Covid, further highlight the importance of robust healthcare systems. While balancing budgets amid rising costs and addressing the shortage of skilled workers are also pressing challenges, where AI plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap. In addition, data security remains paramount to protect patient information.

Computers are increasingly at the heart of the digital transformation within healthcare, leveraging the latest AI advancements to enhance medical capabilities and improve AI-assisted diagnosis. Advanced imaging technologies and treatment equipment enable more targeted and effective patient care, while IoT integration facilitates remote monitoring of patients in their homes, enhancing safety and enabling timely interventions. Coupling this with medical certifications, like EN60601, ensures the highest standards of safety in patient-connected applications.

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Captec offers the healthcare sector extensive experience and an innovative portfolio of medically certified computers, tablets, complex integrated systems and IoT platforms. Our high-performance computers equipped with the latest CPU/GPU processors enable AI applications to provide healthcare professionals with enhanced analysis and advanced decision-making support, leading to earlier detection and personalised treatment plans. Our tablets coupled with IoT edge-to-cloud platforms, facilitate telemedicine and remote patient monitoring. Furthermore, Captec’s integrated systems are at the heart of complex imaging and treatment equipment which require a high density of computing, advanced electronics and electro-mechanical integration.

Our solutions are instrumental in supporting the healthcare digital transformation journey, delivering efficiency, accessibility, and patient-centric care to meet the industry’s evolving needs.


  • Oncology systems
  • Imaging systems
  • Computer-aided surgery
  • Drug dispensing
  • Patient infotainment

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  • We are a dynamic and innovative group trading since 1985, with a multifaceted end-to-end proposition in the computer, integrated systems and electronics hardware space. From design to manufacturing and through-life service support, all “under one roof” ·
  • Extensive experience and track record in supplying leading global complex medical equipment to OEMs
  • Change control and obsolescence management tailored to specialised and complex medical equipment
  • One stop end-to-end systems meeting stringent international medical compliance requirements
  • We are tried, tested and trusted


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Medical Applications
Rapid Delivery of 3D Images

Learn more about our ability to fully understand application needs and our extensive expertise in medical compliance.


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Rack Integration
For Medical Environments

Learn more about our expertise in design, manufacture and compliance, delivering application ready, cost-effective, scalable racks.


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High Performance Computers For Digital Imaging Processing

Learn more about our ability to design custom computers meeting application needs, enabling reliability and longevity of treatment and planning equipment.



Tried, Tested & Trusted