Smart Edge


Application Orientated Design

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Smart Edge technology is playing an increasingly important role in assets condition monitoring and management, especially in remote or harsh environments.

Captec is involved in a range of energy sector projects utilizing low-power operation, sensing, signal processing, and wireless/wired communication channels.

We are deploying patented technology combined with established IoT architectures and a library of proven building blocks for rapid prototyping and reliable, repeatable production of IoT products. Our experts can advise on all aspects of IoT sensing including wireless & RF design, sensor measurement, signal conditioning and processing, sensor to database integration, APIs/middleware, as well as all the critical hardware and mechanical design and packaging to suit any application environment.

Field Proven Monitoring

Field-Proven Monitoring

Captec Yellow Line 300px 1 300x2 - Smart Edge - Applications

Our KeLVN remote monitoring IoT devices are installed in 500 substations in the UK with over 1 billion measurements recorded. They are monitoring key metrics including transformer surface temperature, ambient temperature, current, voltage, real power & reactive power.

Typical Applications

Captec Yellow Line 300px 1 300x2 - Smart Edge - Applications

  • Electric substation monitoring
  • Industrial IoT bespoke solutions
  • Visual inspection solutions
  • Factory automation
  • Aircraft lighting systems
  • Flood detection systems
  • Engine heat transfer telemetry
  • Waste weighing systems